Another Swatch

Here's another of my quick test-a-pattern swatches.  This one is called "Moss Stitch Diamonds":


Yeah, and I had problems with this one, too.  First, to my reading, the written instructions had nothing in common with the charted ones.  Which to use?  I picked the chart.  Second, I wanted to cut off the diamond pattern so that the end of the swatch was a mirror image of the beginning.  I had trouble with this until I decided to ignore the chart and wing it.  I knew what I wanted the rows to look like, so it was only a matter of getting my knitting to match that appearance.

I like the pattern, but would I do a scarf from this one?  Eh, probably not.  I found this pattern a little too fiddly to be completely enjoyable.


I just found this subway knitter and I love reading this stuff. I had a hard time going back to work good job!


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