A Sleeve Ramble

In honor of this ramble today, I present to you with a little ramble about the Softwist Cardigan sleeves.

As I suspected, this rib-balancing/raglan shaping problem will be more of a counting thing.

It's a counting-backward thing, to be more specific.  I need the ribbing on either side of the raglan line to march together evenly.  Therefore, the sleeves must join the body at the same point in both the stitch and row repeats of the zig-zag rib.  This will be easiest to accomplish with an even number of rib repeats. 

To do this, I decided that the sleeves will end with 41 stitches (about a 10-inch circumference--I want narrow, fitted sleeves).  Working back, I determined that the sleeves must increase to 41 stitches from a 31-stitch cast on.  The sleeve will begin and end with full rib repeats.  As I increase those ten stitches, I'll work them as a partial repeat.

When I bind off for the armhole, I will bind off an entire rib repeat (10 stitches).  That's not completely necessary, but if I do that then I can easily begin the raglan shaping at the beginning of a repeat.


With the bottom of the cardigan body completely, I now move to the sleeves.  I have absolutely no idea if this will work.  If it doesn't, expect to read about much swearing and yarn throwing.


As always, I'm amazed at how you can figure this all out. It's going to be great!

It sounds like it will work. At least on paper. Good luck with the actual knitting!

LOVE the banner.


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