A Sleeve Grows!

Look, here is my sleeve, just under elbow length:


This is my progress after about four or five hours of knitting.  A holiday and the rainy weather were both very conducive to sleeve production.  The sleeve would probably be longer, if I could learn how to read a chart correctly.  More often that once I caught myself skipping from row four to row six.  Luckily this chart is an easy one, and mistakes reveal themselves quickly.

Knitting on two circulars was easy to master and I love it.  Love.  It.  Within a few rows of my switch from DPNs I was buzzing along like a pro.  I only wish that both of these needles were Addis.  The way that the yarn slides over my Addi is noticeable better than over the Inox.  Addis aren't the perfect needle for every project (I still like my bamboos for slippery yarn) but they are perfect here.


I've still not tried two circulars, is it really alot easier?

Wait until you try socks on two circs! I will never use DPNs again! Looks great.

Very pretty sleeve! Charts -- I do the same thing, so now I use different coloured highlighters to mark each line (three or four colours usually keep me on the straight and narrow).

I'm glad the two circs are a success!

So glad you are liking the two circs!

The sleeve is looking great! I'm curious that you're knitting it from the cuff up in the round, though - I only know about knitting sleeves in the round if you're picking up stitches at the shoulder and working the other way. How are you setting this one in, exactly?

I've never tried two circs, but it seems fairly simple, just two less needles than DPNs, right? I dunno, maybe I'm oversimplifying it.


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