A Sleeve Begins

Here on my DPNs is the beginning of one sleeve:


You'll also note the handmade chart for the sleeve ribbing.  Because this is round knitting, every row is a right-side row.  Thus, the direction of and the stitches in the wrong-side rows needed to be reversed before I could start.  See the arrows?  They are to remind me to always work right to left, no matter if its an odd (right-side) or even (wrong) row.

Oh how I love my DPNs!  For this project, however, I decided to switch to two circulars once the increases begin.  First, because I've never knit in the round on two circulars (and it seems like a nice technique to learn) and second because the increases will be easier to do if I have the sleeve laid out on two circs.

I could also have chosen magic loop.  At Knitsmiths, I discussed magic loop with Johanna.  Johanna is famous (to me, at least) for knitting her sleeves simultaneously.  In fact, unbeknownst to her, Johanna was the first knitter to expose me to that little trick, and my knitting has benefitted enormously from it.

Johnanna mentioned that a long circular was essential to the successful ML outcome.  The name "Addi" wasn't mentioned, but implied.  Oh, really.  I have two US10 circs (one of which is an Addi), and I don't think that buying another one, especially one with a longer cable, and especially at Addi's prices, would be a good investment for Subway Knitter.

Just as I was beginning to think that DPNs were the way to go, along came Nona with her fine post on knitting in the round with two circulars.  A more fortunately timed post there never was.  Nona very kindly emailed me with some additional cast-on tips.

Despite those tips, I still decided to cast on to DPNs, establish the sleeve.   I'll switch to two circulars shortly.  Because this is my first time with this method I didn't want to worry about joining stitches, following a chart, and adjusting to the feel of two cables dangling down from my sleeve at the same time.

Look, the sleeve fits:


So will you be doing them two at a time on the two circs? Will you just start both independantly on DPNS and then continue on in tandem from there? I'm so glad to be an "inspiration"!

hello :) I LOVE knitting socks or sleeves on 2 circs! I found a great tutorial here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/

scroll down a bit til you see small diameter knitting. It is really clear. I don't have the laddering problem using 2 circs.

Looking forward to hear how you're doing with 2 circs :)

I adore the two circ method, so I'm glad you are trying it. It really is easy and, in my opinion, the least futzy of all the knitting in the round options. Although I will warn you that you may get gauge problems by using two different brands of needles. Ask Grumperina about it, she's had issues.

I've left my dpn's forever behind me... I find magic loop to be much faster. First I started with one sock on 2 circulars, then I switched to magic loop for one sock, and now I do both socks at the same time on the magic loop. Totally worth it. Also, if you're economizing, buy all your Addi's in 40" or longer lengths, and you won't need another needle.

The cast on is definitely the hardest part. Your method sounds like a good way to ease into it.

Can you share the cast-on tips? I am always confused about how to join.



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