A Little More Math

Who knew that knitting required so much math?  It doesn't, if you knit every pattern exactly as it's written.  But, we all know that it's no fun to do that all of the time.

In this case, I really don't have a pattern.  I have a finished sweater in mind.  This means that there's math, and lots of it.

I was feeling pretty good about myself after I decided to knit this cardigan completely in the zig zag rib. "Easy peasy," I thought (with more than a slight hint of smugness).  As I asked a couple of knitters what they thought of my idea, the warm glow of knitting joy left me to be replaced by the cold reality of knitting math.

As Grumperina so correctly pointed out, not only will I need to balance the rib stitches in the raglan decreases, but also the raglan decreases must happen at the same point in the ribbing series of both the sleeves and the sweater body.

Say what?  Go here for a visual explaination.

Now, here's my problem with math, and it's always been my problem with math.  I know how to do the actual math; but what math do I do?  Then again, if that were never a problem, then everyone could be a mathemetician.

This is a challenge, and I'm feeling up to it.  I've started a running log on paper to jot down my thinking and questions.  My hunch tells me that because the ribbing of both the sleeves and the sweater body must be at the same point when the decreases begin, I will need to work backwards when planning the sleeves.  That means that I need to know how many stitches the sleeves will contain at the point when they are joined to the body and the raglan decreases begin.


So, maybe it's less about the math and more about the counting.



All I know is that I seamed my sleeve last night and it fit. And then I realized that I didn't have it to look at anymore so I could see where the increases were. Out came all my scribbled notes and I think I've got it. Well I'd better have it because I'm not ripping out the seam.

The whole time I was thinking of you.

I was thinking Colleen would have all her notes organized with pictures and calculations and she wouldn't be in a panic.

I know it's not nice, but I'm so glad to hear you struggle with the Math, at least a little. I immediately get a headache and don't want to think about it AT ALL!

Looks like you're on the right track!

I'm just chuckling at the solution to your equation. I'm pretty sure I've gotten that answer too often, also!

Suffice it to say, I am impressed. Good luck!

ahhh the good old wtf equation where we need to figure out what the wtf variables are.

too bad you cant just knit the body and then pick up some stitches and knit the sleeves down, making sure the ribbing matches...I'm always trying to find the cheap (and impossible) way out ; )

You said that it was all about the purls and knits....you didn't say anything about math...and graph paper!!!
i wish i could help you with this one. i heard that they have a program that you can just plug in the measurements and the values of the materials you're using and *voila* the math is done....but that's the lazy way, isn't it:)
good luck!!

This might be a little too little, a little too late but, what if you knit this sweater from the top down? That way the ribbing in the body and sleeves is bound to match up?

No comments on the math, as hello,I try not to do much of it. Helping my stepson with 7th grade math is enough of a challenge. I'm not terrible at it, but I don't enjoy it either. I'm sure you've already figured it out by now.


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