A Koigu Restorative


My Koigu socks and headband fresh from the dryer.

"Holy guacamole!?!  You machine washed and dried your Koigu (100-percent non-superwash wool)?"

Yes, I did.  Moreover, I think that the yarn benefited from a trip through the laundry machines.  My Koigu headband, which was stretched out and flat, is fluffy and springy once again.  My socks are fresh and clean.

A while back, Valentina mentioned to me that Koigu is superwash.  What she didn't tell me was that it's also superdry (is that what you call a tumble-dry wool?).

Using a laundry bag, a cold-water wash, normal detergent, and the gentle cycle (which, on my machine, should be called the mangle-your-clothes-a-little-bit-less cycle) I washed.  Then I threw everything in the dryer, which was set on the regular cycle.  I dried.

All good!  You're probably going to tell me that at some point I'll find felted socks in my dryer.  Eh, that's okay.  When that happens, I'll knit new ones.

And, speaking of restorative, could someone puh-leese restore the sun?  I'm tired of dreary days, grumpy people, and bad photo ops for the blog.


Gosh, I certainly understand the weather. It makes the trek to rehearsal the thing I look forward to the least.

A woman I know from one of our LYSs has been knitting for YEARS (I don't know...maybe 35-40 years?) and she swears that Koigu can't be superwash because it lasts too long. I think she said it's because the treatment the wool gets to make it washable also makes it less hard-wearing. Anyway, she agrees that it can be washed but thinks there's something else going on. The Koigu Conspiracy if you will ;)

And I do agree with you -- Koigu really benefits from a little agitation. It can really stretch out over time!

This may be the solution I need for my koigu socks! Thanks, I am trying it!

I wash/dry my koigu, too. it's not technically superwash, but due to how they process it for dyeing it takes on some of the properties of superwash wool (like: it really really does not want to full!). However, if you asked Ms.Koigu herself, she will tell you it's not superwash. :)

It's so nice to live vicariously through others who are willing to take these kinds of risks. Hee hee! I'm glad your socks and headband came through the wash so well and now they're all nice and fluffy again. :)

Good to know. And I thought that you weren't a sock knitter :)!

excellent... i will do that for my socks and see how it goes.

I wash and dry my Koigu socks too, just throw them right in there with everything else. Handwashing socks is a bit more than I am up for.. some socks might meet an unlucky demise before that happens.

Dude, you're just grumpy because you're knitting the same sleeve over-and-over-and-over-and over.


i also wash and dry my koigu socks. after two straight wearings they get all stretched out! i throw them in the wash to get them to spring back up again.. and yes, if they ever get felted that's a good excuse to go buy more :) hehehe.

The Koigu Confusion continues. Of course V has sworn to me that its washable. And yet others have sworn to me that they have felted socks after one wash. I can't decide what to do with the boys socks!

Good to know they can last through the wash! Thanks for posting that!

Wait, I'm confused. I thought you didn't knit socks.

Interesting that Koigu appears to be machine dryable. I knew it was machine washable, but dryable. Very interesting.

I wash and dry my Koigu socks all the time and they are some of the most durable handknitted socks I have!

So bold, so brave. I am impressed.


I love your trio. Will you share the headband pattern with me Please? I would love to wear socks and matching headband.

Excellent. Nothing like a little wash and wear.

the socks look so nice in that color and it's so great to know they can be machine washed.

You are a marvelous knitter. The socks and headband are wonderful. I can't wait to see what you make next!

You know, I had been looking forward to people stop bitching about the hot summer weather on their blogs, but it seems that's not going to happen. Now it's too cold or too dreary or too wet.
I did tell you about the dryer. But I also said that I don't dare doing it. I wash my Koigu on the "warm" setting. And I have a tale of caution: Cari's Koigu got felted at some point. But like you said, then it's time to make a new pair.

well, i hope when my koigu knitties take their tumble in the wash and dryer, they survive (i'm one of those knitters that make the trek to the laundromat. bleh!) not too much "control" on setting over there, but at least i have access to a front loader washer :)
i LOVE koigu, BUT hate how baggy my socks get. is there another solution vs. the washing/drying machines?


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