A Good Idea


Why am I showing you a picture of this?  Because I think that it's an absolutely great gift idea for a knitter.  Someone, with no knowledge of my bloggy alter ego, very kindly gifted me with this box of yummy Lindt truffles.  He only thought that he was giving Colleen some chocolate (and let me just confirm, Colleen loves her chocolate).  He had no idea that Subway Knitter was eyeing the plastic box. 

What knitter can't use a box like that?  All of my little balls of yarn (the ones that I use when I need stitch holders) are going in there.  Remember last December when The Harlot (as a public service) was posting about great gifts for knitters?  Yeah, well, I'm totally stealing that idea right now.  In fact, I'm positive that she did mention something almost like this. 

Imagine this same box (available here from The Container Store) with some brightly colored confetti and a few knitterly notions (stitch markers and holders, perhaps a Chibi) mixed in with some  candy.  Fantastic!

A great idea if you need to pick up a hostess gift for your next knitting party.


Pink or green Chibi? ;-)

Fabulous! I hope I get one for hosting all my knitting nights!


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