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Some of my replacement Malabrigo Laceweight needs to be dyed before it can be shipped, thus scuttling my grand plans to have Cozy on the needles as a first project.

Despite my lack of Malabrigo, lace is happening.  Lucky for me that I had something in my back pocket, so to speak.  I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Sakonnet Purls a couple of weeks ago.  The usual suspects were with me.  All I can say is thank goodness that this store is about an hour's drive from Boston!  (Although the Bookish One turned me on to a shortcut that could dramatically cut my driving time).  I completely and totally loved the store!  Loved.  It.  (Despite the slightly stale smell.)  I hadn't gone expecting to buy anything,but I left with a few things.





I can see a few felted hats of different sizes coming my way.

I hadn't seen the Plymouth before this.  It's going to be a cute scarf, or felted hat (haven't decided yet).  The women at SP told me that it felts very well (hence the purchase of the felted hat patterns above), but I wish that I could see for myself how the foil bits fare.  I also wonder what they'll do to my washer....

Before I left I noticed a small basket on the floor of (what I thought) were lace kits.  Some of them were lace kits, but some of them were just skeins of laceweight.



Oooh, I liked this one immediately.  What more: it came with a pattern attached!  The hitch, the price ($29).  But, the color and the feel of this yarn were impossible to ignore.

What really sold me was that Kathy mentioned that one of her friends (an experienced knitter with a mature stash) always goes for this stuff when she sees it.  I had to have it!  There was also that nagging voice telling me that I had better have a backup plan just in case there's a hitch with the Malabrigo.  Good thing that I listened....


That Plymouth yarn looks fun. To protect your washer, you can put the knitted object in a zippered pillowcase before throwing it in the washer for felting. This will catch the "fuzzies" (and also any foil bits, I assume).
And I have petted that laceweight yarn in several stores, but I have not yet succumbed. ;)

I visited Sakonnet Purls for the first time a few weeks ago and it's awesome! I'm about 40 minutes away and it's definitely worth the trip. I love that they carry so much Rowan!

I picked one of those NZ Artisan kits at Creative Warehouse in Newton a few weeks ago (also seen them at Windsor Button). Yet another reason to check out Sakinnet Purls. Someday...

Yeah, you can't skip lace-in-a-box if you're in the mood for some good laceweight yarn. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Nice stash enhancement! I bought the "Bow" pattern too - I'm thinking it will be great for a couple of Christmas gifts this year. :) Thanks for the info on Sakonnet Purls, too - I always love finding out about new LYSs I haven't been to.

I believe that NZ yarn is Margaret Stove's company...a queen of lace knitting and I probably would've bought some too.

Which is saying alot.

i got sucked in by that lace weight kit at SP's too...I got the color pansy. let me know when you are going to start it and we'll do it together.

I just bought that same felted bucket hat pattern this pattern. I fell in love with the sample at the store. I checked out the Artisan laceweight for the first time too, but figured I should really wait to see if I will even like knitting lace. Nice haul! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

That baby in the picture (the one with the ball cap) - can you stand the cuteness? Those cheeks. (Can you stand that my baby alarm is in overdrive lately?!)


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