Tonight at 11....

Topless on the T - a Bay State woman's knitting nightmare.
Well, it wasn't that sensational, but it was a problem nevertheless.  Imagine glancing over your left shoulder and noticing that the shoulder seam was coming undone.  Not only that, but since I use the three-needle bind off, I had LIVE STITCHES hanging out there.

Can you see it?


What's a knitter to do when she discovers this midday and has no knitting supplies (I know, I know, it's like one of the five days a year when I DON'T have knitting on the T)?  Lie low, that's what.  I didn't do much for the rest of the day but sit in my chair working.  I had a spare T-shirt which I slipped on for my ride home, (so there was no actual risk of toplessness) and home I went (immediately).

NotaclueWhen I got home, I grabbed some needles and spare yarn.  I looped some spare yarn through the escaping stitches, pulled them tight, and reinforced the entire seam.  Once done with the left, I repeated the reinforcement on the right side, just in case.


Technically, this fix is crap.  I thought briefly of taking apart the entire shoulder and rebinding off.  While that fix would have been more proper I knew that I ran the risk of things going  ruinously wrong.  The result does not look 100 percent perfect (although that picture makes it look worse than it is in real life); you'll only see it if you're looking VERY closely at my shoulder.  And honestly, if you're that close to my shoulder, you shouldn't be thinking about my skills as a knitter anyway ;-).

That was a close one! You're right, the fix is much less noticeable in real life - I think you have a good zoom going on in that picture.

That would be freaky to look over and see that at work!! Great fix! And you're right -- nobody should be looking that closely.

eeek, that is a scary picture indeed! I'd be scared to move for fear anything would start those stitches unraveling. Your fix looks good... its in the seam, and the important thing is that it keeps the stitches intact!

Ack! That's like one of those dreams when you're walking down the hallway of your high school and you realize you're naked. I'm so glad you spotted the wayward stitches in time to save the day!

Yikes! Triage unit! I would have been screaming "Does anybody have a chibi??" down the length of the subway car, not sitting calmly. Way to keep your head about you!

It sounds like you had an incredibly productive afternoon at work, as you sat so quietly! I'm glad you were able to save your top from toplessness.

I'm surprised you could concentrate at work. I would have had to track down mending items. I would have been distracted to no end with those live stitches waiting to run down to my waist!

As I was reading this post, I knew that Grumperina would be the first to respond :)
The fix looks great and no one will ever notice. I can imagine, however, the chaos that would have ensued on the T. Crisis averted!

Well, I think you did an excellent job repairing the shoulder seam. I can only imagine the horror when you looked down and realized what was happening!

All I could think while reading this is that I personally probably wouldn't have noticed until it was 'too late'. BUT, then I thought, how funny would it have been if some near you said "You have live stitches at your shoulder seam" and then melted into the mass of people on the T. Like a secret knitwear fairy...


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