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Here's my Softwist Cardigan swatch drying on my blocking board.  I must tell you that I love the color of this yarn, and I especially love that single, shiny rayon thread going through each strand.


Essentially it's a sample of the how the left (to the wearer) front of the sweater will look.  The ribbing for waist shaping on one side, Annie Modesitt's knitted i-cord edging (my finishing discovery of the year) on the other, and everything starts off from the zig-zag rib on the bottom.  The angular nature of the edging harmonizes with the twisted stockinette.  I like it!

Once this swatch dries, it will be time to take some measurements and figure out the pattern.


Hi- didnt know if you heard- Annie M is coming to Boston on Oct 20th. She is speaking at the Boston Knitters Guild. They meet on comm Ave 10:30am. You could certainly come- it's free. If you want more info - let me know!

You are so good. I'm generally just so excited to start something new that I don't put as much time into the planning/tinkering part as I should.

I agree - the edging matches the twisted stockinette *very* well - excellent choice!

Looking good! I've said it before, I'll say it again - oh the math!

I think it looks awesome - so impressive. Where'd you get the zigzag rib stitch pattern from?

It's beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished cardigan.


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