Sneaky Little FO

The working week begins with sneaky FO:  my Koigu headband:


This was my test swatch for Cozy which I lengthened into a headband.  I finished it way back in early August, but only thought to seam the ends together last weekend.  It works, and I like it.  With the windy fall weather approaching, this will be perfect for keeping my hair out of my face.

Yellowish modeling shot:


Yeah, bathroom mirror shot, too (look closely: the camera's letters are reversed).


Very cute...great idea!

Very cute and functional! Another use for swatches, hmmm...

Yes, but did you get gauge? ;-)

Amazing idea! Am eyeing the yarn I just bought from Dani for one.

Nice idea, and looks good, too.

I was just thinking that I needed a knit hairband. Great minds . . .


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