Second Thoughts

You all know that I love Cinxia from the latest Knitty.  The construction of the sweater, however, gives me pause.  I want to use my Berroco Softwist Bulky for this knit (whatever it turns out to be).  This bag has been lying in my yarn box for over a year, quietly mocking my knitting skills.  I must use it, and soon. 


I cannot overemphasise how heavy the Softwist is.  It is, in fact, twice as heavy as the yarn called for in the pattern.  I wonder if the lack of seams in Cinxia would allow the Softwist to stretch too much.  I spent a good few days thinking about this.  What I like about the sweater: the cuffs, the collar, the cropped look, and the twisted stockinette pattern.  What I'm not so keen on: the flaring.  I'm not sure how the front length relates to the back length.  The schematic leads me to believe that the back is somewhat shorter than the front.  But how much shorter?  It's a mystery.

Mary's design is, nevertheless, inspiring.  I can take the collar and cuff details from her sweater, apply them to a simple cropped cardigan.  Like Mary's version, I won't use buttons.  Here's another opportunity to use Annie Modesitt's attached i-cord edging in place of a button band. 

What could I add?  Allison was wearing a cute cardigan knit from Rowan Denim.  What I especially loved about it was the ribbing used for the waist shaping.  How could I have forgotten about that?

In case you haven't realized it already, I'll be embarking on my own design once again.  Now that lace-in-a-box is winding down, it's time to swatch for something new.   (The colorway is more accurate in the upper photo.)



Good luck with your design!


That's a beautiful blue in the first photo! Can't wait to see what your next design will be.

Cool. I love to see knitters get creative with my patterns. Please send me a photo of the finished garment. Someone has already figured out how to convert the sleeves to raglans over at the Cinxia KAL Blog


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