On The Edge

The edging of the Softwist Cardigan is growing nicely.


As I wrote yesterday, the edging is knit in multiples of 10 stitches plus one.  It's not the most convenient multiple if you're working with a rather large gauge, like I am (3.875 stitches per inch).  When I worked out my math, I calculated that I needed 147 stitches.

Now, the obvious thing to do would be to cast on 150 stitches (or 151).  But that would have left 75 stitches for the back, and an uneven number for the front halves.  So, I went down to 140 (or 141) that leaves a multiple of 10 for the back (70) and 35 for each half.

This does two things for my sweater.  First, it allows the edging to be centered along the cardigan back, and the side "seams" (I'm knitting this as one piece, so the side seams will really be a narrow rib of purl stitches).  Second, it forces me to apply Grumperina's oh-s0-successful negative ease theory for the fit.  I know that it works, but it goes against every knitting instinct that I have, mainly that a garment won't fit well if it's knit smaller than the intented wearer.

I'm choosing to ignore the nagging worry in the back of my brain.  I know this will work!


Hmmm.... Do you plan to wear that cardigan closed, button and button-band style? That's the only time negative ease is NOT your friend :). Otherwise, trust the negative ease, it will look and fit wonderfully!

The color looks great! Ugh. Negative ease. I'll never figure this stuff out.

I don't remember, have you used the softwist before? Mine tended to pill rather quickly.

I love that edging so far. It's very pretty.

What a lovely color and stitch combination!

Good thing to know about the sizing. I get so confused as to what's finished size and what's bust size, and anyway I end up I get a big sweater. So, downsize 1 at the very least. Thanks Colleen!


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