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Subway Knitter should be called "Whining Knitter".

I feel like the second shipment of my Malabrigo laceweight is taking for-ev-er to arrive.  Due to a couple of ordering snafus (the electronic order got stuck in the "cart") and supply problems (some of the colorways needed to be dyed--despite the fact that each was listed with a quantity of hanks in stock) nothing has yet arrived.


Well, it's only yarn and it's not as if I lack for things to knit.  After the knitting jumble that was August, it feels good to be a one-project gal again.


Here's my progress with my skinny lace scarf.  Now that I've memorized the pattern repeat, I can happily knit away anywhere, stop-and-go, so long as I finish a repeat before I stop.


That looks great! What does the pattern look like close up, and how many inches have you already knit? Are you liking yarn in a box so far?

I adore the color you chose. From afar, the lace pattern is so pretty and delicate.

Looks very pretty.


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