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William asked me for more pictures of my knitted items in use:


Here I am with the Lace-in-a-Box scarf at Jamaica Plain Open Studios.  Saturday was one of those perfect early autumn days.  New England weather sure knows how to go from hot and humid summer to cool and crisp autumn in a matter of hours, and I needed a little something for the breeze on my neck.  Here I am at 5 Brewster Street with Hilary Law's bags in the background.  Nice photo, but I would love to know where I was looking when the shutter clicked.

The details:

Lace-in-a-Box Scarf:

Yarn: Artisan NZ Merino Laceweight, Wedgewood colorway.

Needles: US8s

Pattern:  "St. John's Wort" from Mon Tricot

What would I do differently: I would probably make this scarf slightly wider if I were to knit this again.


i love that pic!

Are you sure there was no yarn lurking to your side? It can only have been something woolly to divert your attention ;)

Scarf looks great on you! How about a close-up of the blocked lace pattern? I would love to see that :).

GREAT picture! Perfectly composed. And you got your hair cut, yes? Very cute!

Looks great! Cool picture:)

What a great picture. Off to check out those bags. . .

Hey, that's the stitch I'm using for Tara...

It looks great on you! (yeah, and where the hell were you looking, anyway? you look like you expect something to jump out of the shadows ;-))


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