Lace Update

So far, so good:

On further inspection, the patterns that came with this yarn weren't working for me.  Fear not!  Out came my 1972 copy of Mon Tricot (serious score with this one, thanks to Knitting Grandma).  I was looking for a lace pattern that was somewhat open, didn't involve any contortionist instructions (P5 Tog TBL, for example), and was worked on 6 rows or fewer.

I think I found it:


This one is called "St. John's Wort".  Do you that this is a coincidence, or was someone thinking about the therapeutic qualities of knitting when naming this pattern.


Don't knit that pattern if you are on the pill! A good friend of mine got pregnant with her third child with that combination!

Bestill my heart - does Subway Knitter have two projects on the needles at once?

Very cool lace pattern! Looks great.

It looks lovely.
I think SJW is only therapeutic to people who don't have it growing in their yards. It's an agressive creeper and has completely taken over!

Therapeutic or exhilarating? ; )

Oh, did you tear out your previous efforts completely? I hope St. John's works better for you. It was nice to meet you at The Point on Friday - let us know when you'll be coming to NYC again!

This is so pretty! I can't wait to see it all done and blocked.

Hey - missed you on Sunday - was eager to see Matt's vest moving along. But what a cool lace pattern - am always looking for an easy openweave I can do while watching the lil' uns at the same time - and love that yarn - that's not your final Malabrigo is it?

I think the lace is coming along nicely. I really love the color.

Looks pretty - don't you just love lace?!

I designed my first thing (a pair of socks) using that book and that stitch pattern! I love it!


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