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My second order of Malabrigo laceweight reached my mailbox late last week.  I've been letting it sit and stew before I decided which hanks to keep and which hanks to return or offer for sale.

First, we have some laceweight merino in a gorgeous emerald green.  I recently bought this from Malabrigo's eBay store.


While it's similar to my current lace project's colorway it's not exactly the same.  The yarn's weight is heavier too.  This will be my Cozy yarn.

Next, we have the wool laceweight from the Malabrigo website.  The colorways in this second shipment are much more to my liking.  Don't ask me which hank corresponds to which colorway.  I don't know, and I'm not too inclined to look up the information.


I'm keeping only three: a grayish-purple (bottom center), the light green (top center), and the sky blue (top right).  The rest?  Hey Knitsmiths, anyone interested?


Colleen, I am knitting a top for my daughter (23 y.o.) and she wants me to change it from a tank top to a halter. Can you recommend any patterns for halters where the neck strap appears to be a continuation of shoulder shaping? Thanks! (It was easiest to ask here in the comments than to search for your email address.)

All of the colors are nice, kind of hard to choose even just a few to keep. I say keep them all! (hehe!)

Colleen...I'm in the laceweight market, so email me -- I can't really tell the colors from the picture.

Aw, I like the emerald green in the middle - I think you should keep it, too! In fact, I like the whole tic-tac-toe diagonal from the top left to bottom right. Hey, we should start a Cozy-along - Stephanie and I both have yarn for that project. :)

Can non-Knitsmiths play, too?

I'm not a knitsmithy, but I would love to scarf up the one on the bottom left. *drool*

What beautiful yarn! Thanks for the link to the Malabrigo website -- hmm, I wonder which color I'll order???

Hi Colleen,

That yarn looks fantastic. I've been wanting to make a "Cozy" too and am now thinking of using Malabrigo yarn.
Can you give a little gauge advice? I don't want to use laceweight (too scary for a new knitter who's also new to lace) so I was looking at the Colonia 140 the gauge is apparently "4".
Do you think Cozy would turn out nicely on this gauge?


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