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I recently found myself with a free day.  There were no plans, no commitments, no projects to complete, no nothing.  That could mean only one thing: road trip!

Zooming along the back roads of the Berkshire hilltowns, I arrived in North Adams, Massachusetts, Mass MoCA to be more specific.  The museum has been open for more than six years, and I hadn't yet been.  Shame on me!

You're probably wondering where am I going with all this.  I'm going to tell you that there was a lot of knitting happening at this museum.  You might know that Mass MoCA was the location of David Cole's Knitting Machine.  The flag is now folded and in a case, but there's a video installation of the project, if you're interested.

That wasn't all.  There were the knitting needles:


Evolution of the Knitting Needle Through Modern Warfare, David Cole, 2001.  It doesn't photograph very well.  From the exhibit's press release "In Evolution of the Knitting Needle Through Modern Warfare -- which Cole describes as 'hypothetical anthropology' -- each set of needles references a specific war in American history. The piece contrasts a basic form of production, knitting, with the progress of technology made through war. It is a study of the relationship between technology and violence." 


Then there were the paintings (all photographs taken without a flash, if you're concerned):



The New (Das Neue), Neo Rauch, 2003

Is she knitting?  I don't see the other needle,  but let's just assume that she is.

Finally, I'll leave you with this, just because I liked it:


Planks (Bretter), David Schnell, 2005


Very cool photos. Do you happen to remember what knitting needles he used for the American Civil War? I do Civil War reenacting and I'm curious. I've always heard steel but I'm just wondering.

Coming out of lurkdom because I love MassMOCA, even though I've only been there once. The museum itself is such a fantastic space.
I don't think there was quite as much knitting when I went, but it was a long time ago & before I started knitting.
Is it possible the woman in the painting is crocheting? (I don't know if that's what the act of crochet looks like...)

I love it there. Storey publishing is in the complex and when the knitting machine was up and running I think that every single person who works there phoned me!


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