I'm So Happy

...that I didn't see this link before I placed my yarn order at The Point.

Why?  Because I know which colors I would have chosen if I had been able to see the entire Claudia Handpainted array (and, it's Claudia Handpainted, not Claudia'S Handpainted as I insisted on calling it all this month).  Not that any of these colors are anything but mighty fine; it's that lately I seem to buy the same colorway over and over and over, and it's always some shade of blue.  I'm about to knit a blue cardigan.  Why do I need another blue one?


Walk in the Woods has blue, but it also has pink,green, gray, and purple.  All of these are colors that need more prominence in my wardrobe, and yet I probably would have passed right by WiTW had I seen those other colorways.

Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.


You evil woman. Please do not link to yarn that gorgeous again - I really really don't have room for anymore.

Ditto that. WITW is beautiful - I end up migrating to the same colors over and over too. It's always good to branch out!

No, no. The color you got was definitely the right one . . . not that the others weren't stunning and all, but . . . this one is just . . . perfect!

i hear you on too much choice. sometimes i get so overwhelmed that i end up buying nothing at all. it can become paralyzing. i like the color you picked, but i also liked the others. nothing says you can't get those too ;)

Oooh, pretty!

I, too, have been called "evil" for enabling others with tempting displays of yarny goodness. It's good to know others are as powerless before fine fibers as I am.

Can't wait to see the cardi you knit up! Now, I must forget I ever saw Claudia Handpainted.

I do the same thing. Thanks for the link -- new yarn to obsess over :) Do you know if any local LYS carry it?

Too many choices can be a problem... it's easy to get flustered and go for the "tried and true." However, I'm glad you were forced a bit out of the ordinary because that colorway is gorgeous!!!

I have a similar blue addiction, but I love the colorway you selected!

Your chosen colourway is fab,and all the colours gorgeous.
All her other colourways are pretty lovely too !

Its nice to see Claudias distinguishing themselves in the yarn-al arena.


Too much choice can be daunting, but it is always good to break out of a color rut. This is a good colorway that bridges some of your other colors but introduces other color to that mix too. Good choice!

that is gorgeous. definitely the right choice.


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