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As of last week the new Knitty is up.  This is one of the very best editions that I have seen in a long time.  Either that's a coincidence or the editors responded to criticism (some of it constructive) and tweaked the offerings.

There are lots of good patterns, but this especially caught my eye:


Cinxia by Mary Burr.  This would be a fantastic way to use my bag of Berroco Softwist Bulky.  It's a cropped cardi that won't be too heavy.  Softwist Bulky is a heavy yarn, works best for something small.

I love the slip-stitch pattern for the cuffs and collar, and I think that the overall twisted stockinette is just divine!

Want to hear more?  I especially liked what Mary wrote in her description:

"I was thrilled with the variations you came up with on my last Knitty pattern, Aibhlinn. I'm sure you'll come up with some more imaginative variations here."

A designer after my own heart!  Mary, I already have some ideas about changing this.  I'll keep everyone posted.


hey - was also amazed at the Knitty offerings this time around. I'm loving more than a few of them myself - lots of cables and lace - can't wait to see what you do to this one...

This is the pattern which caught my eye, too! I just love it!

i have to agree with you there. this issue of knitty is great. i love that sweater.

I agree too, I think this is my favourite edition so far.

This was the pattern that caught my eye as well. I may knit it for mom for christmas! I'll be watching what you do with it!

Get out o' town - was also considering this for my Softwist Bulky. The bag mocks me whenever I walk past as I can't decide what to do with it. I think SB may also work for the Blissful Jacket in Interweave, though then there's the New Tweed I have too. I really gotta behave myself at yarn sales in the future.

That's a great little sweater -- so wearable! Gotta love a designer who appreciates tinkering. Can't wait to see your take. You always do such nice work.

Just wanted you to know that I was channeling you this weekend as I....KNIT ON THE SUBWAY!


That one definately caught my eye. What a beautiful take on a very practical sort of cardigan. I'm anxious to see what little modifications you'll make along the way! I'm such a slave to patterns.

I'm curious to see your modifications as well. This was one that I also really liked and thought of making, but just am not quite sure on the pointy edges in front, but yet I keep coming back to it.

I really like this pattern as well, esp. the details at the cuff and the collar.

Aha! That's my wanna-do, too. I figure it'll work just fine with a growng paunch!


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