I HATE Mohair!


I don't like mohair, and I'll never knit anything with it.

Good thing that there are alternatives.  A couple of weeks ago at Knitsmiths, Kerstin was knitting a shawl with an absolutely lovely yarn.  The yarn was so soft, and just a little bit fuzzy.  There had to be some angora or alpaca mixed in to make the yarn so soft.  What was this amazing yarn?  "Brooks Farm....something," she said.

"Okay!" I said.  Once home, I found myself on the Brooks Farm website.  Scanning their yarn offerings all I could see was mohair.  Mohair, mohair, mohair.  Hmmm, maybe they bring their non-mohair stuff to the festivals.

The next day I dropped an email inquiring about the mohair-free yarns which I knew that they must sell.  A few hours later a cheery reply landed in my inbox.  "All of our yarns contain mohair."  Indeed, later that day Kerstin blogged about the shawl.  She was using a mohair yarn, a 100-percent mohair yarn!


What happened?  Had the late August heat softened the gray matter?  Dena indulged my curiosity by answering a few questions about their mohair.  Why do I like Brooks Farm mohair and hate all the others?  Apparently Brooks Farm uses kid mohair in all of the yarns, and only the fiber from the first two shearings. 

Good to know.  I would like to imagine that the goats go off to some lazy retirement life after those first two shearings, but this makes me doubt that idea.


The Brooks Farm is amazing stuff. I wish I bought more at MDSW. I have a hard time ordering their yarn online -- the color variations are so hard to pick from!

So -- any plans for the Brooks yarn yet?

Don't even get me started on the mohair, okay?!? It immediately evokes that feeling... when you get a little hair stuck in your mouth... that feeling!

I'm right there with you on the Mohair - but in the end I did buy a bunch of Brooks Farm yarn at MDSW. And someother mohair blend because I couldn't say no to the colors.

Brooks Farms breaks all my mohair rules. Oh, wait, so does kid silk haze...maybe I don't hate mohair as much as I think I do....

I think I really only hate that 80's puffy sweater thick mohair.

I'm using the Brooks Farm "Four Play" for my Crapotee and it is lovely. Very pretty and soft. Be careful ordering though - the pictures are not too true to the colors - mine has a lot more brown in it than I thought. But still lovely! Good luck!

I spied the Brooks Farm mohair at Stitches Midwest. Once I touched those beautiful hanks of Primero yarn, I realized that I had to have them. They are so very soft and silky - not at all scratchy and annoying like most mohair you find commercially.

I do like KSH, but this isn't as fuzzy.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of mohair. I bought some a few years ago, some brand I don't even remember to knit with a wool yarn in a scarf and hated it, it was very scratchy and always ended up in my mouth.

Now I've knit with Rowan KSH and it was very nice and didn't bother me as much and definitely not scratchy. I also am working on a mohair scarf out of Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Mohair, there are solid colors and variegations and it is nice stuff to work with, although not nearly as nice as the Brooks Farm stuff. That stuff will make your hit yo' mama! It's very nice and soft and made me forget it was mohair. Go for it! I think you will enjoy it.


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