He Likes It

I think that Matt is quite happy with the vest:


Personally, I think that the armholes are a little long, but the wearer disagrees with me, so they'll stay.  I love the simplicity and color of this garment.

The details:

Pattern:  the vest in Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

Yarn:  Heirloom Easy Care 8-Ply (10+ skeins), shade: 727

Needles:  US 6

Gauge: 5.5 sts/in and 7 rows/in

What I changed: not much.  The pattern's structure builds in opportunities to make modifications.  I used an i-cord edging for the V-neck, and a modified i-cord edging for the armholes.  I reinforced the back neck by picking up and immediately binding off stitches.


Looks great! (Smile, Matt...;-)) The i-cord edging really worked well, too.

LOL, I agree with Lee Ann! Love the color. That Ann Budd - gotta love her.

Love the colour, and his shorts make the shot *so* GQ ; )

That color is just smashing! I love it.

Wonderful, wonderful job on the vest. I love the photo too.

What would he look like if he *didn't* like it? :) I don't think I could get my husband to pose at all, so well done there. Nice vest too - I need to get that book. Show him the vests in the back of the new Vogue Knitting so he can see how trendy he is.

It looks nice on him. But the true test of him liking it is if he wears it without prompting. Keep us posted.


Woohoo! Looks great, and I'm glad Matt likes it! On to lace!

I think Matt's vest looks fantastic. That's such a happy -- yet manly -- color; I'm glad he chose it. Hey, if he's happy with the vest and will actually wear it, it's perfect!! (This is why I haven't knit anything for my man yet... he's so picky, I know he wouldn't wear whatever I toiled over, even if he picked everything out himself. :P Lucky you!!)

Wonderful job on the vest. Great color on Matt, too!

beautiful!! i love the picture, too. so classic!

Why, I've never seen Matt so happy! ;)

I am also wondering how he would look if he doesn't like it ...

So glad that he likes it. He looks great on. I hope he gets lots of wear out of the vest!

I really like it, too, Colleen. I want to make one for my husband.

It is fabulous! I didn't realize how long it was until this photo! I hope he wears it.

Fantastic vest. Love that book.

How do you do it? It just amazes me how you can finish projects so fast! I got sweaters 2&3 years old that I'm still working on...not to mention the one that took 10 years to knit and was too small to wear when finished. Could it be that subway thing...if I ride the subway I'll knit faster and finish things??? :))) The vest is terrific!

The vest looks great, but the Matt looks unhappy. That picture speaks volumes of body language that say, "get me outta here so I can wear my vest in PEACE, thankyouverymuch".

Great vest, great color! Matt's expression is priceless, I can imagine what he's thinking.


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