Have a Safe Trip!

Well, my Malabrigo is on its way to blogless Eva in Luxembourg.  There it is, getting all of its stickers and stamps.  It's the package equivalent of airline screening.


Wish that I could go with it.  Wait a minute!  Maybe I can; Eva said that she would cover the shipping.

Global Priority: 18.00USD (4 to 7 days)

Air Mail (Parcel Post): 17.50USD (7 to 10 days)

Global Express: 24.95USD (2 to 3 days)

Hand Delivery: 600.35USD  (Guaranteed delivery by 30 September).

Eva, it's your call, but don't you want to play it safe with this one ;-)?


Interesting data! The outfit that does the hand delivery? Fire 'em. OOOPS.

I'm famous, I'm famous!!!! I'm a "feature" in a blog LOL. I'm not really blogless... it is just that I'm soooooo notoriously bad about updating my blog that I "forget" to mention it LOL.

Cheers Eva


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