So, I finished the back of Matt's vest, did a little dance, and got right back to work.  I cast on for the front.


When I cast on, I did something new.  I placed stitch markers every ten stitches.  This way, I only needed to count to ten, something that even I can do with relative ease.

A lot of you do this when you're casting on a large amount of stitches, for something like a lace shawl.  Perhaps I'm just getting warmed up!


My favorite trick - I always lose count, even on small-ish cast ons. Sometime I try to stretch the markers by going every 20 or 25, but I can't even count that high without messing up.

Twenty stitches for me - no matter how many I'm casting on. Although, on occasion, I still count wrong.

ha! i JUST did this on my tubular cami.. best idea i've had in a long time.

I always use stitch markers when casting on. It just seems to make it go faster.

I use stitch markers for anything over 30 stitches. Otherwise I count and I count and I count and I count.

would love to knit fingerless glove with mitten
flap, but right hand side of
screen gets cut off no matter what I try. Also I
think there was a correction
to the instructions, but I
can't get that info. to print either. HELP!!!!!
Could you plz. e-mail me instr. I have a small hand.

thank you


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