Do you remember the shrug/jacket idea (ala Alison's) that I was kicking around in August?  Since I first mentioned it, I have decided that I'm not much of a shrug person.  Still, I liked the striping sequence in the shrug and the idea of an entire garment knit in feather-and-fan.  Cardigan, anyone?


It's Flora from Jaeger's Book 19.  The colors are all wrong for me, and the yarn is mohair.  We all know that I'm iffy about the mohair.  What about the V-neck?  That must be changed to a crew.  I might make the body longer.  But, other than those changes, I love it.  Those bell sleeves are perfect!  Essentially, I'll use the Jaeger pattern as the basis for my idea, and apply to it the striping sequence and stitch pattern from the Downtown Yarns shrug.

Time for yarn choices.  Unlike my disappointing Koigu experience in Boston, I had an absolutely delightful time at The Point a couple of weeks ago.  [The next time that you're in NY, please stop by this store and buy some yarn.]  Although there was no Koigu, Helane pointed out the Claudia's Handpainted to me.  Of course!  How could I have forgotten about Lisa's gushing praise of this yarn?

Since Claudia's Handpainted doesn't come in solids, Helane suggested an Artyarns Ultramerino 4 solid to use as the main color.  I could special order both.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a project!  All that remained was to estimate the yardage required.  Stay tuned....


You can imagine how tempted I was by the Claudia's yarn this weekend at The Point.


I loved working with claudia's yarn, and combining it with artyarns...yummy!

This will be fun to watch you knit. It isn't something I could get away with wearing, so I'll knit vicarously through you!


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