Blocking Lace

Yay!  My Lace-in-a-Box scarf is almost an official FO!

Here it is blocking on my carpet.


This is my version of Stephanie's technique.  First, I washed the scarf (this scarf has been everywhere, and it has probably been dropped on the subway floor once or twice), then I squished out most of the water, and finally, I pinned it to the carpet to dry.


That's going to look REALLY good. Of course, I'm a sucker for blue.

Pretty, pretty. Love the colors in that there yarn.

Lovely. Which pattern did you use?

Pinning to the carpet is a tried and true technique. Yeah carpet!

So pretty!

I can't wait to see it live and in-person. ;-)

That way of blocking only works in a home without pets!

I tried to leave you a comment earlier this morning but Typepad wouldn't take it. I dunno. Anyhow, very pretty scarf. The lace looks lovely.

Bravo ton blocage est très réussi et quel étole c'est très joli

Beautiful colours! Like Stephanie, I like the big swish too.


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