Will this Work?

Baccarat is on the blocking board:


I'll find out if my yarn substitution and pattern adjustments resulted in a successful knit.  The humidity broke just in time.  Stay tuned!


Looks good from here -I can't keep up with your projects!

Oh it looks fabulous! The drape is wonderful...can't wait to see it on!

The drape is looking excellent on the blocking board. I've got my fingers crossed!

Oh oh! So soon! Looks good from here, can't wait to see it ON!

Wow! That was fast! It looks good so far...

wow, looks wonderful! can't wait to see it on you!

Ooooh, I hope it works out well. I love that pattern! Can't wait to see the finished results.

i'm really hopful about the drape....it's looking good

wow, i love the color.. smokin'!

Well that's all very nice, but you haven't been keeping up with your NETA posts, huh? YOU, my dear, were picked for the Caption Contest and I haven't heard what you'd like from the NETA Treasure Chest. C'mon now, we can't start another contest till the last one's done hunnybunch !!


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