What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I knitted, of course.

Things got underway a bit early with a big ol' par-tay at the wonderful Claudia's house.  Claudia, thank you for putting the day together and hosting all of us.  It was so much fun meeting bloggers whom I knew only through their posts, and yet feeling as if we had much in common after only a few minutes.  I don't have a picture of the day.  I was having too much fun to stop and blog about it.

Then, it was back to Boston for a concert with friends.  Who was standing ahead of me in the ticket line?  Kris!  Yeah, Kris sure has some great taste in music.

As you know, I found myself on the beach for a few days.  Now, I have heard of knitters who take their projects with them to the beach.  Not me!  Sun, sand, salt water, and sunscreen do not take well to yarn and knitting needles.  Nope, knitting was a down-time activity.

Despite that, I made significant progress on Baccarat's back:


Not a bad showing for less than a week's knitting time.  I am loving this small-gauge cotton.  It feels so lovely on my hands, and the small stitching motions are very relaxing.  The tiny needles feel good to hold.  I remember my discovery of small-gauge yarns last year.  It surprised me; I expected the small gauge to simply be tedious.  Why did it take me so long to return?  We don't know.


Wow, you are fast. I love the color, it is so fruitty and summery-perfect for August somehow. I envy you for being at the beach-swimming pool at YMCA must do for me.

I really can't wait to see how this turns out. It is looking good so far!

Tiny needles and tiny cotton are both good things.

You are very welcome. Thanks for being part of the par-tay!

It's looking fabulous! I just love the colour. Come on, you mean you haven't thought about holiday knitting yet!

ah, and I was just thinking of you this week while I WAS knitting on the beach! Although the Arlington Res with kids isn't exactly sun, sand and relaxation without the needles anyways...

I never really thought much about knitting in public 'till now - and this week I even managed a Burger King session as well. (It was taking Zoe forever to go through her fries...)


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