The Many Uses of Koigu III

Feather and fan:


Yes, I can envision knitting an entire garment in this pattern.  Like the lace pattern, it's fun!  With the lace testing over, I patiently await the arrival of my Malabrigo to begin Cozy.  Further explorations into the feather and fan must wait until after next week's visit to Downtown Yarns.


Oooooooooh! Malabrigo is so nice to knit!

Look at the pretty Koigu! ;-)

You should stop into The Point ( while you're in downtown NYC next week. If you're there on a Friday afternoon, you can meet me and the rest of the Spiders (the group I knit with)! One of our group recently picked up some Malabrigo in Maine and she's in love... I must get my hands on some of this stuff!

What Lisa said, but you know that you have to go to Purl. Nothing beats Purl.

Add a four stitch garter border to your feather and fan, and you have a wonderful scarf. This is one of my favorite patterns for a quick and handsome scarf.

it hasn't arrived yet? not what i would call speedy delivery....i'm catching up on your blog...i've been on vacation this week...


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