The Many Uses of Koigu II

Although I loved the results of my first lace attempt, I knew that the US 15s would soon drive me batty if I continued with them.

So, I picked up my pattern alternative, Cozy, from Knitty Fall 04.  The pattern is worked in multiples of six, plus one, stitches.  I cast on 19 stitches to my US 8s, and away I went. 

Away I went. 

Away I went. 

It took me three tries to get one repeat correct.  All mistakes were based on my own carelessness, so I have no one to blame but myself.


Koigu has a much smaller gauge than the yarn specified for the pattern (Reynolds Mandalay) but its gauge is similar to the Malabrigo laceweight.  Gauge doesn't matter much right now.  I need to determine if I can work the pattern successfully, and if I enjoy the process.

As with the other lace pattern, I enjoy the process completely!  I might continue with this swatch until it's a little longer, and use it as a headband.  You lace knitters have been holding out on me, haven't you?  How come nobody told me that lace was so much fun?  Hmmm?  You all have some explaining to do :-).


I'm so glad it's clicking for you! Lace and socks are my downfalls right now. I can't seem to say no to them.

I love ze lace, enough that I made one boring shawl on big needles for my wedding and another 4 that were lace. It's amazing what a few extra loops and a bit of increasing and decreasing can do.

Oh yes, you are now entering the point of no comes the lace!

I've been wanting to try that pattern for a while now. I'll be interested to see how it works for you. (I think this is my first comment here but maybe not. If it is, HI!)

I have been slowly knitting on the Cozy pattern. It is my first lace project and I made so many mistakes in the beginning. It had to spend a few weeks in the time out corner. But I am working on it again, and all I can say it thank goodness for life lines.

That's a great use for a slightly longer headband! Enjoy finishing up your swatch... headband!

I bet people told you...lace knitters are happy proselytizers, right? - but you just thought they were crazy and blocked them out .

I was thinking about Cozy for my handspun - what kind of gauge are you getting - how wide are your 19 stitches? Pattern repeats to the inch?

Not our fault. You were holding your hands over your ears and chanting LA LA LA loudly.

glad you're enjoying cozy -- it's on my list. i like the colours you picked, it's going to be lovely.

You never asked. Plus nobody ever said lace was difficult, so why would the opposite need to be pointed out? ;p


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