The Many Uses of Koigu

I have some leftover Koigu from some socks that I knitted last winter.  Good thing, too, because I can use it to experiment with lace.


Yes, I do enjoy this lace pattern.  Serious lace knitters might tell me that this really isn't lace, it's just a loosely knit stockinette with some yarn-over increases in the middle.  Maybe so, but I do enjoy the results:

I do not, however, enjoy these US15s and this could become a problem.  I went down to US 11s and I disliked them even more.  I'm not in the mood for a big needle project. 

There are, I believe, two solutions here.  The first would be to simply use smaller needles, like US8s.  I'll need to knit more to get a similarly sized shawl, and the proportions will be different, but I don't think that I'll mind that.

The second possibility would be to switch patterns to one that specifies a smaller needle.  How about this from Knitty?  It doesn't look too complex, but what do I know about lace?  Experienced lace knitters: is this anything that a lace neophyte should be dreaming about?


i think it's a great choice! the WS rows are just purl, it's a rectangle so you don't have to deal with increases in lace, and the pattern is even (the edges of the repeats don't move around from row to row). this makes it easier to follow and if you wanted to use stitch markers between each repeat you could.

Colleen - Cozy is a pretty easy pattern and beautiful as well! If you use stitch markers between every repaeat you'll be fine - but you have to remember to move them over one on the (I think) 7th row. I'm working on it, on and off, and I'd be happy to help if you need!

I think it would be perfect.. The pattern doesn't look too demanding and in Koigu, simply beautiful.

That is a cute pattern. You may be bored without any increases/decreases. Or maybe the challenge of the lace will keep you going?! Being a new lace knitter, I never took notice of that pattern...I may have to give it a try too!

Go for it. I'll bet you will be surprised at how easy you find it.

That's a fairly easy lace pattern, only 4 real pattern rows (the P ws rows I don't normally count).

I have thought of that one in the past, but have just started Kiri so another shawl will just have to wait.

It looks to me like a perfect first lace project. Enjoy!

My advice - make something lace before you have kids, should kids be part of your future plans. It's going to be a few years before my boy and girl are old enough that I don't have to keep dropping my knitting project mid-stitch to do something for them. Um, can you tell I've had to abandon a lace project?

I too am still looking for something to do with a bag of Softwist Bulky. If I don't make your jacket pattern, I will likely turn it into a simple raglan this winter. I'm assuming you have the new VK (hey, who knew you had a last name? ;) Think the Debbie Bliss shawl collar cardigan in that might work with the Softwist Bulky? Different texture, certainly...

That's looking great! There's no reason to force yourself to use such huge needles if they are uncomfortable. As you say, even US 8 are big enough to produce lace with Koigu!

Ooh...that's a nice one. I forgot about it!

Now, the pattern I mentioned in my email uses #5s. Let me know if you want more info. But this one looks pretty good, so...

oh! cozy is going to be my first lace project as well! after i'm done with the clapotis, i'm going to knit cozy with some lace-weight yarn i bought from knitpicks. it looks like an easy enough pattern! good luck to you!

I am just catching up after being out of town and think that this is a much better choice for a first lace project... the gossamer would have become boring fast! You will love lace, do not be afraid!

What everybody else said. You'll laugh at how easy "lace" is.


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