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Color inspiration can be anywhere:


The MBTA really outdid itself with our August transit passes.  Great job!  Now, could you apply that same type of effort to the trains and buses?


mmm, or how about just the "e" line.

ugh ;)

That is a happenin' color combo though, i keep wondering what tacky/interesting things they'll come up with next!

LOL! I agree. I actually said "Wow" when the MBTA clerk handed me my Aug pass last week. Can't wait to see what September will look like!

Hee. Those are the colors for my next-in-line project, in Lorna'a Laces "Bittersweet". Wacky.

i too was impressed with the color combo.

and after spending 10 bucks in one day just taking the DC metro, i'm not complaining about the T

Right! Too bad the trains themselves aren't quite so spiffy. But that's okay....I'm KOOL (Knittin' on the Orange Line)!


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