Speed Hat!

The hat is almost done; it still needs a washing and a little topper:


Tee hee!  This hat reminds me of a mushroom, and I think that it's just so cute!  I am a little concerned, however, that it will be too small for the recipient by the time he or she is six months old (this winter).  I won't pretend to know a lot about babies, but someone told me that they need hats long before bigger people do.  Moms?  Dads?  Is this true?


hey! i read about you in vogue. congratulations on getting quoted.

Do not worry, it will fit, kids do not have big heads and as it has a fold it can be unfolded too. What I would add9from expierience what little hands do to hats) is some sort of ties or nice band underneath the chin. i know it won't look as cute but little ones sometimes hate to have anything on their heads no matter how freezing the weather or just to see what will happen if they take it off: meaning will mummy put it back on the "millionth" time?
I Poland poor blokes have to wear hats all day and all night long before they turn 1 (old, my mothers school) and I can tell you it can be a struggle (with the baby and the old school granny).

Adorable little 'shroom hat! I can envision it on a little forest child. Lucky baby.

I've been told that humans loose 40% of their body heat through their heads, which is why it's important for baby's to cover up the old noggin when the weather turns--not much of a body, so they get cold fast.

loose? I hate it when I do that!

It's sort of true, babies have huge heads. I knit a hat for a 6-month old baby in the winter (before blog), and I just looked up my notes - 17" circumference. Compared to my own - 22.5" (I've got a huge head plus all the hair). Yeah, not a huge difference!

It does look so super cute, I hope it works out well!

I have no idea about baby hat sizing, but it sure is cute that it matches the sweater!

Depends really on where you live - if you live somewhere warm, I think you can get away with not covering your babe's noggin for a little while - up here in the Greater Pacific Northwest have to cover the little punkin heads from late August on through about May or early June. (Isn't warm up here all that often.)

Their heads lose a lot of heat (as mentioned above), especially if they have little/no hair.

cute cute! it IS like a little mushroom cap. the tweediness of the yarn gives it a little oomph. nice choice.

Yes, since they don't usually have much hair, they do need them sooner. I don't know what autumn in Boston is like, but here in the Northwest little bald babies need hats in late October.

I just finished a hat for a few months old baby. His circumference is 16.5-17", so if it is in that range, you should be fine.

Totally adorable!

I don't know nuthin' 'bout no babies.

Cute shroom hat.


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