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The package was slumped at my desk when I returned from a meeting:


The return address: Miami, F-L-A

This could only be one thing: my Malabrigo laceweight!

I couldn't wait to tear into the package, dump the contents on the table, and select the colorway that would become my scarf.  My colleagues are enthusiastic onlookers to all that comes with my knitting, and joined me for a colorway consultation.  Ignoring the smell of vinegar that was wafting up from the skeins, we looked.


Whoops!  What happened?  These are all wrong.  Instead of subtle variations of dark purple, they seem to be subtle variations of black and gray.  I returned to the website for a comparison between the website photographs and the actual colorways.  While the darker colorways are accurate, the lighter colorways bear little resemblance to the photos on the website.

This is one of the risks of mail-order yarn.  Despite the colorway snafu, the yarn feels soft and I can't wait to knit with it.  The skeins arrived a little bit damp, so if were I to keep these skeins, I would need to air them out completely. 

Willing to try again, I immediately placed a new order for colorways that are brighter blues and purples.  I'm hopeful about a few of the emerald-y shades.  I dearly wish that Malabrigo would sell its colorcards.  That would save so much back and forth with returns and reorders.


I ended ordering from them after I saw your post. The two colors I ordered are very bright and match up pretty well with what I saw on the site. Sorry your lighter colorways didn't work out so well.

I have read they will accept returns if you feel the colors aren't as you thought. Let us know how round 2 goes!

You know I LOVE that smell!

WRT color cards: yarn shops have them, but they are entirely useless since the skeins don't match the little snips of yarn on there. Or at least that was the case when Allison at Circles and I compared her stock of Malabrigo to her colorcards - totally off.

Whaaaaa! I hate it when that happens.
Trouble is that lace weight is hardly ever in the shop when you need it, and mail order is the way to go. Vinegar? How slovenly of them. I am afraid that this has turned me off, and I'll stick with Lorna's and the like. Expensive, but reliable.

Just like Amy, all of my Malabrigo colorways (both laceweight and bulky) matched quite well with the website photos. And, despite that vinegar smell, my SnB pals couldn't resist fondling the goods or rubbing it against their cheek.

If you can live with the colors, I'd bathe the wool and keep it. The price and softness is just too good.

Ack! Wrong colors. Vingegar smell. Slightly damp? I'll be steering clear. Still though, I'm glad you're optimistic about the yarn... despite all of the snafu. Ahh, the 'joys' of ordering yarn online, eh?

That yarn is going to need a lukewarm water soak and rinse out. At the same time you can check to see if the dye runs.

Just sayin'.

Those lighter colorways can be overdyed if you don't like them. The darker ones you can't do much about.

Wrong colors? That's really bad. When I orderd my yarn from Malabrigo, the yarn I get looked like the one, I've ordered. Look at this picture, if you want.
Greetings from Germany!

I have an EZ pi shawl out of the laceweight Emerald colorway OTN. My yarn did not have a vinegar smell and I love how soft it is. If it's not the colorway that you ordered, I'd send it back, but I plan to order from them again. The yarn is lovely and the price is amazing.

I love greys and blacks, let me know if any of them need new homes ;)


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