Remember This?

No, you probably don't.  This little thing became an FO so stealthfully that even I forgot to post a photo:


It's my version of Amy Steven's On The Moon purse in Knitty.  I omitted the idea of handle, and instead I'm using this as a clutch.  It's a perfect small purse alternative and I use it frequently when I couldn't be bothered to carry anything more substantial.  The purse is perfectly sized to US dollars, which was a happy accident for me (did I bother to check this before knitting?  Um, no.)

Yarn: South West Trading Company Soy Silk (1 skein)
Needles: US 7
Time to knit: One bus ride from Boston to NYC, or about 4 hours.
What I changed: omitted handle
Would I knit this again?  Sure!  It would make a great gift.


It would make a nice "envelope" for a cash/check gift, or a gift certificate, say, to your LYS?

So cute! I've never even noticed this Knitty pattern before, now I'm inspired to knit one as a little clutch too!

Looks great! Especially the button.... ;-)

It looks good. I decided to make one when you first talked about yours. I'm making one out of Crystal Palace Shimmer. I am also thinking mine will be more of a clutch and less for it's intended purpose.

So cute! And I bet so fast!

Very cute. Your tank is looking lovely as well...too bad about the knot. Been there.

I do remember this from when you were working on it - such a good idea! Must remember the pattern for my bits & pieces o yarn, and as an easy night out purse - license, wallet, credit card.. and yes, negotiations underway - quite tricky! Finish hubby sweater and then move onto ME.

Cute! Nice fast project, and useful to boot.

How cute! I think I'll try this - one for me and one for my daughter. Good idea!


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