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I must say that I'm feeling a bit directionless at the moment.  Baccarat Player will be on the blocking board soon.  What's next?  It seems silly to start on another summer top, although this is mighty tempting.  Thanks Kat for that link.  Claudia just began a version of this, so I am eager to follow her progress.  I think that the shaping on this top would work mighty well with my curves (if I do say so myself) and I even have some yarn that I think will work.

Let's not forget about the latest pattern sweeping Blogland, Eris, or any of those knits from the Elsebeth Lavold bookMrs. Melanoma is knitting up a fabulous Liv.  It makes my mouth water.

It also seems silly to go full-speed ahead into the winter knits.  I have three winter sweaters lurking in my small stash, but somehow it feels too early to kiss away summer.  The thought of using yarn that I have, instead of buying more is, however, very appealing.  I do know that I need to approach Kathy about the feasibility of a long-sleeve Tiv

I need some transitional knitting.  Alison, over there at The Blue Blog, has been posting some mighty tempting scarfs.  Why do I shun the scarf?  Why don't I ever pop in to whatever LYS happens to be at hand, pick up a skein or two of something luscious, or a couple of beautiful colorways and knit something fabulous?  I have no answer.  Pretty soon this knitter will need a little something to keep out the drafts.  Perhaps I should knit the Gossamer shawl next.

Then, there is the shrug/topper idea.  Once again, Alison of the above paragraph was blogging about a beautiful shrug that she's knitting.  Hmm, something like that might be great for those cool evenings which will soon begin to appear in weather forecasts.  She got the pattern at Downtown Yarns.  Hey: there's an excuse to head back to NY :-).  Koigu, anyone?

Let's not forget the almost instant gratification of baby knits.  Although there are no babies immediately at hand (and, if a certain person is reading this blog, I'm just confirming that neither is there a desire to get one at hand) it wouldn't hurt to have a few baby-sized FOs waiting in the wings (again: for someone else, not for me).

I will not start five projects at once.  I have only two hands, and I like to finish things now and again.  What's a knitter to do?  Prioritize!  I'm already swatching for Matt's vest.  Why not go with that?  Why not, indeed.  Okay, that's a great subway project.  A shawl or shrug would be a perfect early fall knit, a very portable project, and some instant-gratification knitting.  I'd like to see the Downtown Yarn's pattern and yarn selections in person and I won't get to NYC until Labor Day.  That's okay because I'll need some time to plan for that knit.

The shawl/scarf idea excites me immensely.  As I said, I'm completely new to lace, so the thing to do is to grab some leftover Koigu and do a little test.

Hopeful would be a great way to use a bag of some Berroco Softwist Bulky that's been in my stash for a while.  Berroco discontinued this yarn, and I know why: it's so darn heavy.  I'm not sure about the wisdom of using a wool yarn to knit a short-sleeve sweater, so let me think about that.

Finally, I cannot start on the fall knits just now.  That idea was just crazy talk.  Stash must wait.

Thank you for indulging me by reading these paragraphs.  It's helpful to use the blog to flesh out and organize my thoughts about upcoming projects.


Bah, start 'em all ;-)

(I'm kidding. Although...)

"cool evenings which will soon begin to appear in weather forecasts" - bwahahahahaha! I think you're watching the Australian weather channel :).

Crazy talk, indeed. Too many good ideas, too little time. Let the heat dictate. Can't stick to fingers. Must be fun. Never be limited by stash. Just one opinion.

Do a shrug, it's sort of in betweeny isn't it? But then so is a shawl/scarfy thing if you choose your yarn carefully and of course the Vest is a must if you want to keep him happy....yep do 'em all. There, no help at all!

I think you need to follow your love of the lace! And use Matt's vest as your mindless portable project. ;-)

But what do I know? I typicall yhave about three or four things going at once!

I'm hosting a knitalong for Hopeful. Let me know if you decide to knit along. :)

The reason Hopeful attracted me is that is it a kind of "transitional" sweater...fall/spring-like.

Heehee, my mom says the same thing about baby knits.. She found out I am knitting a baby sweater, and got all hopeful. :-)

Hmm. Labor Day is next weekend!
It doesn't matter if you're new to lace or a "pro". It's just knitting. And what's this silly talk about swatching a shawl? Tsk, tsk. As for scarves, you need Scarf Style. I know you think you don't, but wait till I show you.


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