Package Deal

A few buttons:


A little loopie for the top:


Okie-dokie: this gift is ready to go.


Just in time because I think that the baby is due any day now.  This was fun knitting.  I hope that the new parents enjoy it, too.  Must find more opportunities to knit for the wee ones :-).


That is just the cutest baby set I have ever seen! I love it. The yarn makes the outfit, really!

That little set is the cutest thing ever! The parents will love it! How can they not with those cute as a button... buttons!?!

Very, very cute! I have kids to knit for, you'd think I'd do it more often. Thanks for inspiration.

That is soooooo cute. They are going to love it.

Darling! I need to make something for a wee one coming in my family and the set would be perfect. Must get started.

Those are the cutest buttons! Ever!

The whole thing is adorable!

so freakin' cute!

That is so very cute! Such a great set, the parents will love it. And the buttons are awesome too.

Oh, gosh, that is too cute. What a lucky little baby. The hat will be perfect, not to worry!

That's just sweet as anything, Colleen. Mom and baby will love it!

Adorable! Love the yarn, love the pattern. Lucky baby!!

Too cute! Love those little ladybug buttons.

so very cute. that yarn is great! love those bits of color throughtout. they'll love it and the wee one will look so stylish!

So wee! So cute! That is one lucky baby.

that is wonderful - absolutely wonderful. The yarn you used adds subtle sophistication, and I'm going to remember that for the next time I'm knitting for wee ones.

Ack, so sweet! So classic. This set would be loved by anyone, for any baby, and saved and passed on for other siblings, etc.


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