New Books!

While I tend not to stash yarn, I do tend to collect interesting patterns.


This is Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Knits, which Kathy was so kind to scoop for me at Woolcott's last sale.  I have mixed feelings about Woolcott, based on many mixed experiences.  Since its location is very much out of my usual non-car orbit, I don't need to think about the store too often.  I love many of the patterns in Viking Knits, and while there's no plans to knit one immediately, I can see myself grabbing for this book the next time that I get the urge for a smaller gauge and cables.

Meanwhile, Wild & Woolly is a store that I could definitely visit more often.  I manage to get there about twice a year without making a special trip.  Last weekend, Kathy and Paula accompanied me for a little shopping.

I have no mixed feelings about W&W: I love this store!  Others, I have heard and read, have complained about the staff.  I find that the W&W style is a little different than other yarn stores.  They'll leave you alone for hours to browse, but the minute that you ask for assistance, it's one-on-one attention.  All in all, I always find the atmosphere to be relaxed and cheerful.

So, what did I get?

First, because Alison has completely inspired me with her Feather and Fan shrug, the pattern for which can be had at Downtown Yarns, I bought Jaeger's JB19 book for this design:


It's Flora.  I figure that between this pattern and the store pattern from Downtown Yarns, I can wangle a pretty cute feather and fan jacket for myself.  Aren't those sleeves adorable?

Then, a bit of lace caught my eye:


This is the Gossamer Triangular Shawl from Karabella Yarns.  I'm a complete newbie to lace, and I think that this is a simple enough pattern to use as a test.  I am not, however, going for the mohair.  I'll keep you posted as to my yarn choice.


I love W&W. They get lots of new stuff, Jackie stays current, the pattern books are more than you can keep up with. She is short on lace wt yarns, but I'm hearing that might change.

The Viking book is great...really inspiring. I love all the little places where a motif can be tucked in her designs.

I'm new to lace too (despite my small-child poncho experience, which was NOT lace experience in my opinion) so I'll be curious to see your forays into shawl-making!

I LOVE all of Elsebeth Lavold's books. They are great, her patterns are great, LOVE THEM!

I also love W&W. Never a bad time there, so much room, so much stock. Lovely!

Have a great weekend.

Oooh, I'd like to knit a lace shawl, too, but would like something kind of simple to start -- that one looks like a great starter!

Lovely new patterns - the Viking Knits book has some very timeless designs. I like the Flora pattern too. You are lucky to have a decent yarn shop nearby - the owner of my lys is a real tartar and overly fond of acrylic and the other yarn store owner doesn't like anybody touching the merchandise. What's a girl to do? (shop online, I guess)

Yeah, stay away from the mohair!

You've got some great patterns! Fun, fun.

anna typed up the pattern i picked up for her when i was at downtown yarns last week. i'll bring you a copy on sunday..also, heading to WW tomorrow for the "boston tea party sale"

I love that viking book and the Karabella lace is also lovely. It does look simple and it's a good idea to skip the mohair for first time lace project. I can't wait to see it started!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering from Woolcott Ambivalence.

I do like a lot of the patterns in E. Lavold's books. Not sure when I will get around to them, but some great patterns there. And very inspiring to look at too.

I think I need to find the Jaeger pattern book. I love Alison's feather and fan shrug and this jacket from Jaeger is great! I love it.

Good luck on the lace. I'm curious to see what yarn you actually use. My mother has requested a shawl, but as she lives in La., I don't want to make something with mohair, but something easier like cotton for her.


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