Myster Subway Knitter and Crocheter of the Week

One subway ride, two fiber enthusiasts:

One crocheter on the platform:


One knitter on the train:


The crocheter was just beginning her creation, but the knitter was well into a beautiful two-toned cabled scarf.  Do we know these people?  Please speak up if it's you.

I would like to say that I'm having an effect on my fellow subway riders, but I can't take credit for the crochetting :-).


Funny spy-girl you are! I was on the green line thurs - usually Orange - knitting socks and a woman sat across from me knitting a LB Homespun something - yes, i can tell yarn from 3 feet away.... always on the lookout for you! Spy away- try to catch us all!!
Have a great weekend.

Did they know that you were taking their pictures? I am curious because I am always afraid to take pictures of people I don't know ... but I'd love to. What is missing from my photoblog is portraits of people.

Hey...I got my Vogue Knitting magazine a while back but only had time to scan the pictures. Actually read it last night and saw the article mentioning you. Great job and congratualations!

Yeah! More KIPpers!

i'll take credit for encouraging the crocheter. i've been known to bring a hook on the T.

you're in london now i guess. i hope you have a great time.


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