With the Koigu test a resounding success (except for the needle issue and we're working on that), I need to select the yarn that I'll use when I actually knit my lace project.  In case you don't remember it's down to the shawl or the scarf.  I refuse to use mohair.  I just do not like it.  Do. Not. Like.  I still want something that's a little fuzzy and halo-y.  When I broached this subject at Knitsmiths recently, Anna immediately recommended the Malabrigo Laceweight.  "Hmm, on-line yarn shopping," I said to myself.   "I need to think about this."

Kathy, however, backed up Anna's claims of yarn yumminess.  Knitter's Review further reinforced this, but added some warnings about the colorways (apparently, the photos are routinely toned down to reduce the colors' boldness).  These were both very good signs.

Malabrigo's worsted-weight yarn is fabulous.  The colorways are as lovely as Manos, but the yarn feels much, much softer.  It's a perfect scarf yarn.  Indeed, Alison, the source of my scarf/shawl/shrug inspiration, recently finished a Clapotis in the Malabrigo worsted weight.  (Alison, your archives put all of ours to shame--kudos on the formatting!)

Oh, yeah, did I mention the price?  $5.95 for 850 yards.  Score!  With so many positives, why not take a chance?  I can always return it if I don't like what I receive.

I had a difficult time choosing, so I ordered five (yes, 5) colorways.  At this price I can afford to experiment.  I want something that's cool and smokey, maybe blue, maybe green, or maybe purple.  My picks (in no particular 0rder):

Paris Night:

Green Grey:


Pearl Ten:

Polar Morn:

If anyone has personal experience with any of these colorways, I would love to hear from you.

On another note, I'm still working on my banner photo (yes, train pics have been taken).  A question for you bloggers with banners: how big (dimensionally) are your banners?  Now that I have a photo, it's only a matter of cropping, resizing, and adding text.


I have had an open browser to their laceweight every day...contemplating. The only negative I read about it was when winding it, the knitter found it to be a bit felted.

I haven't used this yarn but I love that Paris Night colorway. (this is my first comment, by the way. Hi!)

That Malabrigo will be bee-you-ti-ful knitted up - I love all the colorways you're looking at - light and dark grays will go w/ everything! Can't wait to see it soon. Sorry to have missed you all last week, see you Sun maybe... Thea

If, after you choose your color you decide that the other 4 aren't for you, I'd be happy to help you, ah, "dispose" of them!

For what its worth, my banner is 600x150 pixels.

Those colours are gorgeous, and I, as well, would help you with any of the 4 you wouldn't want. Of course, at that price, might as well keep it in the stash!

I haven't used the lace weight handpainted yarn...but I have used their worsted weight...and love it! I should get some for a shawl...fantastic! The colours look fabulous, I'm sure you won't be disappointed in any of them.

I've got the Paris nights and it is a LOT darker than in that picture. It is a color that is antracite (nearly black) with a bit of a dark blue tinged into it. So if you're looking for something dark go for it. If you want a lighter color, pick something else :)
I only have one negative and that is the strong (vinegary) smell of the yarn. For shipping and everything else I found this company to be the best I've ever dealt with so far.
Cheers Eva

Oh I've seen the laceweight in person (a new LYS in Philly is carrying both weights) and it's gorgeous. I think I'm not laid back enough to order based on the comments others have made about the coloring though. I wonder if you can find another store that carries it with better online pics?

As for the banner -- the thing I've learned is the shorter the better -- so the actual content can be easily seen (even on small monitors).

I'd check my stats and see what the numbers/percentages are for monitor resolution to get an idea of how large a banner you can comfortably get away with.

For the most part, 640x480 isn't used much anymore, so I wouldn't even factor that monitor size in.

Also, consider screen real estate. Figure out how far down a fully exploded browser frame would go on the monitor resolution you're designing for and take it from there.

But yes, generally smaller is better, but you do want it to have some impact.

I have no particular experience with those five colorways, but from the photos they all look like winners! You should take a picture when they arrive, so we can compare how they look on the web versus real life.

Tough choices. Can't wait to see the start of the project.

Thanks so much for mentioning that great price on the lace yarn! I had to pick up a couple of skeins for myself (Barbie Pink and Molly).

I am not...I WILL not go to the link. The colors are so subtle and beautiful...but I WILL NOT...sigh.

I bought some of this laceweight recently to make a shawl, and it's yummy. :) The company actually shipped me an additional 5 skeins of laceweight by mistake (instead of the superbulky I ordered) BUT they were great about fixing their mixing and reimbursing me for shipping,etc. Mariana responds quickly to e-mails. Can't wait to see what you will create! Katy

Wow, thanks for the tip on the yarn. What a bargain! Let me know what you think once you swatch it.


I've got their "Lettuce" colorway in laceweight. It's a vibrant greeny-yellow. Haven't decided what to do with it yet. I bought it at Circles last fall, and I think Allison still carries it if you want to fondle it in person.

yum!!! These are totally gorgeous.

Those colors all look fairly true to what I've seen at Webs. My personal favorite is Paris Nights, which is, as mentioned, a little darker than that in most dye lots I've seen, but is variable!

I've been drooling over their yarn since I found them a long while ago on eBay. At the time the shipping was done from Uruguay and it seem too long to wait for, but since they're now US based ...


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