Let's Pretend

Here's something new and exciting:


Wow! It's the front of my Vintage Cotton Baccarat Player.  Let's pretend that it doesn't look identical to the back at this stage.  Sometimes I am able to knit a few rows during lunch.  Imagine me stitching madly amongst the map-reading tourists in Downtown.  It's a nice break , but it can make the return to the office very difficult (just one more row, one more!)


I so totally relate to knitting on my lunch break--I go to a local coffee shop and call it hiding out since few of my co-workers ever come it during lunch.

Oh, I glanced quickly when the pix came up on the screen and it looked like a piece of fish!? So think of it as a piece of fish...that's different from the back.

Its super beautiful Colleen. It was great seeing it in person yesterday.. the pictures don't quite do justice to the color.


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