It's Been A While...

...since I knit in public.

Here are the first few rows of Baccarat in my lovely orange Vintage Cotton.  Mmmm, things are going well.  I loves me a small-gauge cotton, that's for sure.


The setting: Carberrys, Central Square, Cambridge (yes, I misspelled the name when I saved the photo).  This tank will be a great carry-along, KIP project.  The pattern is lovely, but not complex; it will be easy to knit on the run.  The yarn slips along nicely on my ebony needles.  It's such a nice time of year for knitting on the go, and I'm glad to have a project that's so agreeable to it!


What are the things that you look for most in a KIP location? I mostly tend to knit on the train or at the cafeteria at work.

I love that orange!

I love the orange color you're working with -reminds me of a sweater I loved in college - always thought I looked extra tan wearing that in the middle of summer. If only the boys had agreed...

oh well. I'm stuck felting away...

Sigh. I remember sitting in that exact spot a few years ago. Working, not knitting (I was freelancing and needed to edit while my car was at the mechanic down the street). Would have been more fun to knit.

People don't say much to me when I knit in public, but spinning in, what a way to completely freak people out ;-)

The orange looks great!

lol, I'm on dial up and as the picture was loading it kind of looked like you knitted a crab. That would have been way cool, but the tank will be awesome, I'm sure.

Carberry's has such good blueberry scones!

Oh how I miss Carberry's! I used to live in Cambridge not far from Carberry's between Central & Havid Sqweea. ;-) Is there a knitting group that meets there on a regular, or do you just randomly KIP there? I'll be in town visiting my family later in August so, I'll have to swing by and see if I can join in on any KIP action and enjoy those scones.




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