Hmmm, You Call that Progress?


That, unfortunately, is all the progress I can show from yesterday.  Oh, I certainly had grand plans to finish the waist decreases and knit straight to the bust increases.  It wasn't meant to happen.

The reason:


Look at that knot! I reached over to my ball of yarn, only to discover that it had become a massive tangle of string.  Oh dear!  Fearing nothing, I began to sort out the mess.  Four hours later (obsessive, anyone?) I was as close as I have ever been to actually flinging my knitting around the room.  I cut my loses (ha!), snipped out the knot, and rejoined the yarn.  Sigh!


Knots = pure evil.

Nice mention in the VK, baby!

Gotta say, sometimes I like knots - they're strangely compelling. Although four freaking hours - yeah - I'd be throwing stuff.

Yikes, four hours. That bites the big one.


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