I subscribe to Berroco's weekly internet newsletter.   A couple of weeks ago the edition came with something that I find rather fetching:


It's a knitting tote made from Berroco Suede, and I really like it.  Berroco's designs often have a "fashion-forward" edge that I like.  Sometimes the patterns are just too trendy for this knitter, but the design of this bag, I think, walks the fashion/trendy line just fine.  Plus, I have been looking for an excuse to use Suede.  The colorway selection continues to expand, but I'm partial to the green shown above.

The pattern is free, which is another bonus.  Let's file this under "stylish bags to knit", shall we?

I also occasionally cruise Annie Modesitt's blog (I tend to lurk), and this bag reminds me a lot of the red cabled bag that she has in her sidebar (apparently the pattern was designed by one of Annie's students).  I know nothing about the bag (size, yarn gauge, etc.) but I know that I like it.

By the way, Annie, so happy to see that you're offering a RSS feed!  I had to subscribe to instead of simply entering "" into Bloglines, but still, it works.  Yay!


I love that tote too. It's nice to see an accessory pattern with that yarn because while I've been really drawn to it (I like one of the skirts the did in it) I cannot imagine wrapping my body in that yarn (it'd be like a self-induced sauna!). And I think that stitch pattern would hold up nicely to wear.

Any idea where to get those handles though? They make the bag!

Oh yeah, that is really nice! I've never worked with that yarn...but I think bags may be in my near knitting future!

That's a way cute pattern too. I really like that one. I really like the colors in Suede, but usually don't care to make a garment out of it.

Thanks for the info on Annie Modesitt as well. I love reading her blog, but since using Bloglines, I have to remember to go to her blog. And my remembering skills are not so good! :-)

Ooh, I like that, too!

FYI kim at Gibknits has also been chatting about this bag and did some research on other yarns that would work....

I, too, am so happy Annie got a feed! That day I must have left her 3 comments to that effect :). Let me know if you need any info about Annie's cabled bag. I believe she designed it herself, and that the red sample you seen on the blog (and in her book) was knit by one of her students.

Thanks for the pattern link and the modesitt blog sub info. You, madame, are such an enabler!!! Koigu, cute buttons, green yarn...the list goes on and on.

Great bag - it reminds me of those cabled bags which have popped up on a few blogs recently. New York bags, do they call them? BTW - the pattern for the Annie Modesitt bag is in her book (my latest knitting library addition).

hmmm. a very lovely tote!!

Just when I've sworn off knitted bags, you go and post a very, very cute and fashionable one. I do hope you knit this.

Cute, cute bag!

the green is great but if you want to knit it in black...i'll sell you my 5 skeins at half price that's a mere $25 instead of a $50 bag...fetching, huh? that's a good word. you've used it before, non?


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