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Yes?  Oh, good.

For months I have been thinking that it might be a good idea to snap a picture of a subway train, tweak it in Illustrator or Photoshop (or both) and use it as my blog's banner.  That blue band is getting a little ho-hum.  I ride a subway train twice a day (sometimes more) every day, Monday through Friday.  Do you think at any point during any of these hundreds of subway rides that I have remembered to get out my camera and take a picture?  No.

Why?  I go on automatic pilot the minute that I leave for the train.  The sooner I get myself on a train and in a seat, the sooner I can whip out whatever WIP I have in my bag and get going.  I have thought about it while riding other subway systems, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for this Boston blogger to have an MTA train as a banner.

That must change.  I want this picture!  I hope that by blogging about this I'll remember to snap a photo the next time that I'm waiting on the platform.


Yes! That would go with the blog...come on!

Don't forget to take the picture. It would look great!

Hm, imagine being distracted by one's knitting. Hmmm. What a concept.

Didn't the MBTA put into effect some policy that bans taking photos in the subway stations and on the trains? Maybe I'm just imposing NYC's thing on the MBTA, but I thought I read about it somewhere...

There is, in fact, some sort of security regulation banning the taking of photos of MBTA trains and platforms/stations. A few months ago, my boyfriend saw some poor, unsuspecting tourist get hauled off for taking a picture of his family in front of a train! And, of course, the train was held up for eons. Everyone had to wait for the police to be called, show up, investigate the situation, and take away the scofflaw! Go, MBTA...

Hey! How about you KNIT a subway train and take a picture of that?
That would look great as your banner!

Well, you took a picture of your T-Pass a while back. Maybe you could use that or a bunch of colorful T-Passes scattered together as a banner. It will still give the feel of being a subway knitter because anyone who is a commuter is quite aware of the monthly passes. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck.

Oh hell. I don't mind risking arrest for the cause! What train do you ride? I'll happily do some covert photo-taking.

Actually, come to think of it, I was at the Forest Hills stop this weekend and my friend and I were taking photos of each other on the platform. No one said anything. So maybe at some of the smaller stations they aren't really paying attention.

Stick the camera with you WIP to remind yourself.

I think that is a great idea! Why don't you go to the MBTA's website and see if you can download a picture and tweak it? That way you don't have to remember to bring your camera or worry about whether you can take pictures.

Now that you've said it "out loud" we will all gently and helpfuly remind you as the days tick by, so that eventually you'll just do it to shut up all the reminders ;-)

That would be the coolest! You must try to remember!

I'm thinking that you can download an image from the web pretty easily, but gotta say, I'd be surprised if the MBTA folks took the time to stop you and make you delete a shot off your camera - I barely ever even see anyone who works there besides the train conductor and the money taker..

I love the photo idea! Just a suggestion: There are some good Boston subway photos already on the web; perhaps you could e-mail some of those web site owners and ask for permission to use their pic? Just in case you're not feeling like risking arrest? ;o)

A few I spotted that looked interesting are:

Of course, what would REALLY be cool is to have someone draw the subway train (car? whatever you call it) for you, and have the rails trailing away into yarn strands with a cartoon gal busily knitting them up. (Sorry for the weird idea: Clearly, I need less ... or more ... glasses of wine in my life!)

Cheers - Carolyn B.

So, did you take it?

You could also make a fake route map with multicoloured routes and fake fiber-oriented station names. Maybe the routes could be made of yarn, with stitch marker stations.

I dig Carolyn B.'s idea. That would be a very cool graphic--uffish thoughts has a subway car interior incorporated as banner, but no knitting of support poles.

Seriously? Photos on the T are prohibited? Good thing I wasn't spotted with my camera phone trying to snap a picture of the canine patrol office and his dog the other day when they did their very predictable "random" search of my train.


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