Baccarat Bay-Bee!

Long before I finished Baccarat, I had the title picked out for the FO post:


Whaddya think?  I think good.  It's even better than I expected.

You might observe that I extensively modified the pattern, based on some techniques which I honed this summer.  Essentially, I combined the Shapely Tank with Baccarat.  I used the Shapely pattern for the body, the waist shaping, and the bust darts, and Baccarat for the cowl neckline.  I adjusted for a different stitch and row gauge, and added a two-row seed-stitch edging around the waistband and the armholes.   I did a single-crochet edging around the back neck to strengthen it.  I left the cowl as is.

1. Yarn: Karabella Vintage cotton

2. Gauge: 6 sts/in  7.75 rows/in

3. Needles: US4s

4. Shaping: I added waist shaping and short-row darts to the front, and moved all of the cowl increases to the center front above the armhole bind offs.  I think that this resulted in a more fitted tank, and a shape which worked better with the Vintage Cotton.

The cowl isn't as dramatic as Michelle's, and I think that's the only drawback to my version.  I still like the slouchy neck, but I wish that the cotton had just a touch more drape.


Looks great!! And I quite like the neck as it is.

It looks great -- and just in time for a few wearings before autumn weather really hits.

Now where are those "real" vest pics? ;)

It's beautiful and it looks fantastic on you!

That Vintage Cotton is something else! Makes for beautiful FOs ;). Enjoy wearing this during the last few warm days.

Yay! The tank looks terrific, and of course, it looks terrific on you! :) Looks like we're going to have good tank weather for a while, too!

Its a beauty. Love that color on you - very flattering.

That looks really good. Nice modeling shot. The neck came out really well. I like that you post your modifications.

Man, I think Rowan should call look terrific, so does the tank, and I can actually see the results of what you did...perfect!

Fabulous! It looks great, the colour and cut are wonderful.

It is fabulous!!! And so perfect for the end of summer.

Wonderful! Love the color on you.

Looks fantastic! (And your hair looks very cute too.)

ooooh, it looks really nice! I think the cowl turned out great.

That looks wonderful -- you're so clever! I love that you post every single day...I look forward to reading your knitting news.

Shapely Baccarat turned out so well! Lovely fit and color for you. :)

Fetching! Fetching! Fetching! I think it's better than better than great.

I love it and love the neck cowl too. You and Grumperina are so great about posting any and all modifications. You love the design of the Shapely Tee so much, I think I might have to try that one for next summer.

Beautiful knit really and it fits you so well. Great job, you should be quite proud!

Looks great, you look so happy!

Wow ! Looks great !

Waouhh ! Beautiful !!! I love this cowl, it is sooo original.

You did such an amazing job on this! It fits great and is gorgeous!

It's beautiful and so wearable! Great job.

Very nice! Great picture of you too: that's a keeper!

Your Baccarat is so pretty in orange and fits just great. I like the way you make mods to patterns, inspiring!

I didn't get a chance to see it in its full glory on sunday. it looks beautiful! nice job.

Oh my. Fabulous! Worth the wait!

That is gorgeous! It has a timeless, classic look. You'll be able to wear it with lots of things. Love it!

It's beautiful -- I love it!

I love the modifications of the pattern! Since you were wanting something that was more wearable for the office, I think the neckline is perfect!


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