Armholes are Taking Shape

Yes, I have reached the armholes of the back of Matt's vest.  The magical point in any project where you loose lots of stitches.  In this case, it's 30.  Things start going a lot faster when the armholes begin.


Can I tell you how much I love Theresa's armhole technique from the Spring 05 Knitty?  Finally my armholes are actually curved instead of stepped.  It's a much cleaner, more professional-looking edge.

Some of you who also read Kathy's blog might remember her wrappy sweater.  I liked the attached i-cord edging which she used, and decided to incorporate it into the armhole and v-neck edging of the vest.  Matt's mantra is simple, simple, simple, and I know that this edging will suit him perfectly.  Like Kathy's sweater, my i-cord edging is more prominent on the purl side than it is on the knit.  This is fine for the armholes, but for the V-neck this will look freakishly plain.  For the neck, I will use Annie Modesitt's complete version, which includes two purled stitches.


Neat armholes - thumbs up! I love it when there's no fancy finishing to be done.

That's a lovely sloping armhole. I'm going to try that technique next time. Thanks for pointing it out.

Interesting. Thanks for the hints.

That is some graceful sloping. This is getting interesting and I can't wait to see how it all works out.

Yes, thank you for the information on that article. Definitely going to check that out.

Also, the vest is looking great. I think this will be a quick fo!

Your link to the sloped arm-hole bind-off came at the right time for me. I remembered something about it and tried with my little top, but only got it about 1/2 right. Fortunately that part will be in the underarm part. My pattern says to dec 1 at each end of the right side row. Would you instead dec 1 at the beginning of each row?



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