A Vest Grows

Only a couple of days into this project, and the back of this vest is humming along.


I'm about an inch and a half away from the armhole shaping, but rather than show you a picture of a giant rectangle of stockinette, I thought that I would instead focus on the stitches.  I'm very happy with the way that the Heirloom Easy Care 8-ply is knitting up on US6s.  The stitch size is perfect.


And very beautiful stitches they look too!

Gorgeous stitches! Love that colour.

This looks straight out of the "art in knitting" book! When the closeup is as interesting as the knitted work.....

Mmmm... mustardy yellow on my monitor! Love the way the stitches look!

wonderful stitch definition! boy, you and a couple of other bloggers have got me thinking about bags....


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