A Hat!

It feels a little bit strange to be knitting a winter hat in the middle of summer, but here I am:


It's the beginning of a very simple baby hat with a ribbed brim which I toted along when I met my knitting peeps last weekend.  If you remember my version of Daisy, this hat will match. 

I know that I have knit this pattern before with 16-inch circulars, but for whatever reason I don't seem to have enough width to join the stitches.  So, it's on to the DPNs.  Won't say that I'm upset about that; I do enjoy the rhythm of DPNs and it helps me feel a little less left out when everyone else seems to be knitting socks (kidding!  I do not feel left out.)

Just as an aside: the colors in that photo started with even more orange than what you see there.  Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I was able to nudge the colors toward something that tried to resemble normal lighting conditions.  I just fudged with the sliding scales until I saw something worth keeping.  Cara, Kathy, Paula: do any of you know if there's a more formulaic way of doing that?


Very nice. I know what you mean about the lighting...I take five different shots of a project and it looks as though I am knitting 5 different colours of the same thing!

Welp, it looks to me like the lighting in the picture is giving you an overly orange tint. You might try working with the hue and saturation setting - or, better yet, there's something under the Image menu called Variations. You can make things lighter and darker and also add some color changes. The best part is (I'm assuming you have one of the most recent versions of PS) you can then fade out whatever you've done if you've gone to far.

Email me if none of this makes sense.

Oh and sometimes, a lot of the time, there's not much you can do without making a picture look REALLY photoshopped. (Love how that's a verb, don't you?)

You seemed to be very happy with your dpns, it's very rhythmic knitting, I find :).

As for color, whoa, that thing is way off! There is like no orange in that yarn, I wonder how it came so very orange? There's no special formula, just some playing with the brightness/contrast, levels, color balance (may be useful for this little project). Magic wand and color replacement may be useful here, too. Anyway, that particular shot does NOT look like an easy fix to me :).


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