A Back!

Lots of knitting time on my vacation meant that I finished the back of Baccarat Player in a manner of a few days (okay, about a week):


Usually a small-gauge knit would take me a lot longer.  Don't anyone get any ideas that I'm some sort of speed-knitter. 

I love this yarn!  Why did I completely forget about last summer's Shapely with the Butterfly 10 Cotton.  Give me a mercerized cotton on smaller needles and I am one happy knitter.  It feels so lovely as I knit, and the fabric created is very cool and very soft.   It will be so perfect for a summer evening.


Beautiful colour !
I'm waiting to see it finished.

Almost there! Thin cotton and thin needles - it's a beautiful combo for someone with a bit of patience and appreciation for the resulting fabric :). Will the front take any lonber to knit? Probably not, it's not so much more fabric...


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